We guide, we encourage, we hold the space for your heart to open beyond any barriers that hold you back from love.

We guide, we encourage, we hold the space for your heart to open beyond any barriers that hold you back from love.

“We are dedicated to supporting opening of the heart and mind of humanity to unlimited potential of love. All ages, genders, cultures and religions are invited to the forward movement and the deepest calling of the human heart.”

Meet Patricia and Bill Clum

Patricia and Bill Clum have been supporting people transform their lives and realize their true hearts and potential for love for the past decade. As life-long spiritual practitioners and guides, Patricia and Bill facilitate retreats, conduct workshop events, and mentor and guide clients through one-on-one sessions.

Working with the heart centre as focus, they hold a clear presence for clients that allows emotions not yet integrated and hidden aspects of self to come fully into awareness. In this supportive manner, the natural integration of all is embraced in the presence of love.

Clients discover and clarify who they are, at their purest core, then find solutions and open to live a heart-led life. Clients are supported to take action, whether first steps or practiced ones, to create the transformational and desired shifts that are realized together.

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Bill Clum

Bill Clum “I am dedicated to support men as they awaken to their deepest heart, and purpose”

In Bill’s spiritual journey, he completely surrenders to the opening of his heart. Bill helps you build a foundation, providing tools for strength in the emotional and spiritual domain, yielding flow and freedom to be who you have come here to be. A life of awakening is not one in which we never fall into a dark valley, it is one in which when we do fall, we have learned how to move through it. We need emotional muscle in order to rise. It takes work to develop emotional muscle. This is the inner work of the soul.

Patricia Clum

“Self-realization is the beginning of the end of suffering and unawareness. By ignoring or moving away from that which wants to be revealed, an inner struggle occurs, creating pain with self and life.“

Patricia is inspired to use her compassion and keen intuition to locate what is yearning to open within people, thereby inviting them to their deepest calling. In a moment she can point to and expose what is crucial, diving into what is already opening within and holding the space for the release of pain and suffering.

What We Offer

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“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.”

– Thomas Merton, Love & Living

Intensive Weekend Retreats In Your Area

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

― Jalaluddin Rumi

Deepen Your Heart with Invitation Sessions

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

― Jalaluddin Rumi

Intensive Weekend Retreats 

Immerse yourself in 2 ½ consecutive days focused on the beautiful and life-changing inner work of your heart.

The practices and processes of the Weekend Retreat support your evolving heart. Through deep guidance, a profound experience is available to each participant to recognize the truth in their heart and to remember who they are. Beyond pain and suffering, you get to know self and develop the relationship between you and God.

In this compassionate container of the retreat, this is done simply, powerfully and with clarity.


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Client Testimonials

"I have attended a couple of weekends with P & B and every time I am amazed. I am amazed at how deep this work is and how much it transforms peoples lives in real and meaningful ways. This is very different then coming to hear someone talk about awakening. Its more a direct and powerful opening & integrating where people have obscurations to living a conscious & open life. It is priceless!”

- A.D.

“Patrica & Bill’s work is like discovering a gold mine if what you want is to clean up what causes suffering & division and live a life in service to love and truth. Almost everyone has deep areas of unresolved pain and unconsciousness that prevent us from living fully open & awake. I don’t mean to suggest that it is a “quick fix” for this. It is a journey. But I know of nothing that so deeply & powerful integrates whats “in the way” in such a short period of time.”

- M.G.

“The power of these weekends cannot be stated strongly enough! Patricia’s gifts in the areas of intuition and deep healing and energy work are remarkable. And something else is going on; the weekends are supported by very powerful energies which I cannot explain or understand. I truly feel it is not an exaggeration to say one does the equivalent of 10 years of work in one weekend. It really is that powerful!”

- R.M.

“I’ve been to 3 retreats now and although each one is uniquely different from the others, my heart has been invited to open in a unique way each time. I am amazed and so grateful at the insight that Bill and Patricia have and their ability to invite the healing for the wounded heart and then the holding of space as that is happening. Thank you Bill and Patricia!”

– Daniel R.

“I wanted to shift my level of fear and work through some of my grief. My experience with Patricia and Bill was amazing – they are both very gifted. I experienced more opening and more willingness to drop into my heart and let go of the fear that I have carried all my life. I would consider participating in another retreat in the future and would consider inviting a friend to join me.”

– Barbara H.

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Why am I invited to feel pain? Is my pain actually an invitation? Is pain guiding me through a new threshold? Sometimes life brings us to painful experiences and new awarenesses that invite us into deeper expressions within. During these challenging times, there is an opportunity to embrace these thresholds…

  • It’s hard to know who we are if we don’t allow ourselves feel our feelings. If we judge or try to suppress or deny our feelings, then, very literally, we are shutting down our own inner guidance system. ( heart & soul wisdom) 🌟
In becoming responsible - how we respond- to our own feelings, then there is an incredible opportunity of experiencing being alive. Anger becomes passion, grief becomes compassion, sadness becomes unconditional love. How can we navigate in life  if we do not respect or honor our own feelings? 
Being alive offers the full rainbow of expression, of feeling ~ face your fears head on, let go of anything that is not love or neutrality. Feel Feel Feel until another feeling arises ~ move into live fully alive! 🌟 #heart #spiritual #heartfelt #wisdom #guidance #love #higherconsciousness #joy #emotion #compass
  • Today I woke up with an amazing trembling in my heart... my little one, my childish, playful, & inspired creative nature giggled with joy! This post by @mommycreatesmemories touched me deeply... for all those inner ( and outer) innocent & playful girls have a beautiful weekend enjoying your weekend ! Sprinkle a little fairy dust & magic in your world 🌟 #love #child #play #creativity #joy #fairy #play #wings #retreat #dance #magic #joy #weekend
  • There tends to be so much emphasis on new beginnings & middles ... what about the endings? When one remembers and values the nature of endings & completion,  deep waves of grief or sadness offers depth of healing and getting to know one’s heart & soul. In the endings, before the beginnings,  is a rich space within that begins to massage away hardness or harshness of accumulated protection over one’s heart. True humility and compassion are born. Do you what to make a difference in your life? Celebrate every movement of a cycle as sacred. 
The beginnings, the middles, the endings. For when there is an ending, there is a sacred opportunity for a birthing of something truly profound within your being. 🌟#heart #love #awakening #spiritual #spiritualawakening #grief #sadness #cycles #endings #retreat #celebrate #humble #loveistheanswer

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