About Evolution of the Heart

Life is our greatest teacher, always offering more to discover.

All emotions, all movement from within, is the fuel for awakening to your true self. We guide, encourage and create a sacred space for your heart to open beyond the barriers that hold you back from the purity of love. Our work begins with awareness, identifying where closures of your heart are acting as protection. We then guide you into the discovery of who you are, which leaves you more available to possibility. You will notice and open your heart to opportunity, creativity, a higher vision, fulfillment, purpose and love.

Embracing the unknown opens us to new levels of consciousness, healing into wholeness and the oneness of all. New paradigms of consciousness are shifting the heart from a state of pain, suffering and sacrifice to one of personal devotion. With compassion, intuition and experience we support you coming back home to self, and to the God of your understanding. In the opening of your heart you will be led to your deepest truth and highest purpose. Gratitude and appreciation will flourish from within as you are able to recognize that which is profound in you. Our presence is here to invite you to release the old from your heart and welcome the new – clearly, simply and powerfully.