About Patricia Clum

“Self realization is the beginning of the end of suffering and unawareness. By ignoring that which is wanting to be revealed, an inner struggle creates suffering and pain with self and life.” Patricia Clum

Patricia Clum is inspired to use her compassion and keen intuition to locate what is yearning to open within people, thereby inviting them to their deepest calling. In a moment she can point to and expose what is crucial, diving into what has been ignored in favor of suffering.

Born in 1965 in Vancouver, Canada, Patricia discovered her deep inner knowing as a child. She is the youngest of five raised by her mother and her father who experienced a tragic accident when she was only four years old. As the family adjusted to life’s new circumstances, Patricia began her own inner journey and curiosity of a spirit led life. At this young age, she learned sacred healing methods from nature and in growing up with horses, dogs and other pets, she quickly expanded this heart-based healing to encompass all life.

As a young woman and artist, Patricia became passionately engaged with film making, finding herself on the fast track as a makeup artist. For 28 years, Patricia applied her unique artistry in the film and television industry while nourishing her natural curiosity of spirit and the power of one’s heart. Her keen awareness, creativity, inner focus and innate skill to profoundly connect with others yielded great success and industry acclaim, including a nomination for an Emmy and other notable awards. Patricia’s inherent gifts blossomed each year; filmmaking provided a means for world travel, and more importantly, work with creative, visionary individuals that allowed her to hone her ability to remain the calm present centre within a typically ungrounded and chaotic environment.

Patricia’s Evolution

During these decades, Patricia opened to many avenues of the metaphysical world, working and receiving credentials in many professional healing modalities and transformational programs. She continues to study, currently for certification as an End of Life Guide to complement those already held in Reiki, Heart Resonance, The Professional Intuitive Program, Universal Ministries Spiritual Minister, and The Art & Science of Life-Coaching. Patricia’s breadth of heart-based affiliations includes Self Realization Fellowship, Native American Healing Arts and Dignity of Man.

What has been discovered at the heart of Patricia’s journey – and what she shares openly in her work – is the profound love she holds for Humanity. This love will help you recognize Truth, infinite possibility, and what your heart has always wanted.

With grace.
With fulfillment.
With love.
And with purpose.

Patricia now lives with her husband Bill in San Diego, California and together they enjoy six children and six grandchildren. Patricia and Bill regularly collaborate their distinctive approaches to create deep transformation for people ready to step forward in fullness and love.

While Experiencing Patricia’s work

You will recognize Truth, infinite possibility, and what your heart has always wanted. You will experience grace, fulfillment, love and purpose.

“Surrender is the recognition that there is no escape because it is not necessary.”

Patricia points and guides you to that which is not healed, exposing how these hurts and emotions rule our lives. She supports you to face yourself and learn to untangle from these aspects that have a powerful impact and influence, so you can integrate the discovery of new awareness and heal into wholesome emotions.

Patricia’s extraordinary gift as a powerful guide filled with compassion, love and grace accelerates your spiritual growth and resourcefulness. You will find yourself able to live your life with purpose, meaning, health and love.

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Patricia Clum
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