Anger is Spiritual

Young Man with HeadacheLet’s talk about Anger ~ Let’s clear something up: let’s kick spirituality’s false idea that anger isn’t Holy right out the window. In this very moment, hold the anger in you as your own- no matter what is or is not happening. Your Anger is no one else’s responsibility. Let me say that again ~ no one else’s responsibility ~ and also, this is important, a divine moment you may be walking right past. Yes, you may be walking away from the very expression that is calling you.

Let’s release the judgments and criticism around feeling or expressing anger.

There is a lot in life happening right now asking you to feel anger right now, whether in your life or another’s.

If, for the most heated of moments we could accept that the anger moving in us is actually a threshold, an invitation from god/goddess to step forward, to really get to know self ~ how would we welcome anger?

Anger is Spiritual.
Anger is the Opener to Expression ~ the guardian of Heart’s joy.
Anger is spirituality in action ~ A threshold of divinity awakening.

Within our work, anger (and the whole rainbow of emotions rising) is welcomed. Anger is, at times, necessary to open the heart and to use the voice. Anger brings us from slumber or a numb state to becoming alive. You are not your Anger. No one else is responsible for your Anger.

Do we have to show our anger with another? No. Act out our anger to another? No. In fact, harming yourself or another is merely a distortion of anger over-riding your heart’s truest desire and when welcomed, anger has the capacity to refine and give voice to the most Sacred of places in the heart.

Woman YellingTo deny anger is to deny our awakening divinity – to ignore the god within our own existence.

Welcome it, accept it, and let yourself grow with this anger that wants to be your teacher.

Own your Anger, befriend it, move with it, release it, transmute it ~ it’s yours alone to bear. Learn to be with anger as a profound Sacred expression that unlocks you from the depths of your opening heart – a gift of truth to help guide you. Allow Anger to transform into Passion; the passion that moves you into your god given purpose. Relate to your Anger as if it’s god him/herself saying and shaking you “Wake up!Wake up! There is more for you in this world, waiting for you!”

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