Are you a Yes! to Your Heart? 13 plus 1 step to Awakening & Remembering Your Heart~

1) Let go of the story – ease that mind. Allow yourself the beauty of unhooking all your stories – all the blame outside of yourself in who you are and how you are – right in this moment. Let go. Breathe past the story, travelling deeper into self. “Follow the scent of spirit” moving further into self, remember the vastness of you, in the center of your heart.

2) Drop needing to be right. Drop “already having done this”. Drop the need to know, the judgment and criticism of yourself and others, and the confidence that your path is a better path or that another’s path is better than yours. This is not a competition, this is about your heart and God. This is about your life and how you want to live it.

3) Breathe in and allow your being to open to a natural organic healing while letting go. Letting go moves you through trauma and pain. Support you and your heart by moving your body, drinking water, eating well, journalling your intimate relationship with the divine. Meditate and spend some time sitting with the stillness within.

4) Human beings are processing creatures and we each hold the gift of processing emotion – integrating reality and dissolving illusion. All will have the opportunity to process fear of all forms: anger, sadness, grief, sorrow, guilt, shame, disappointment, frustration, depression, anxiety, terror, doubt, and self-worth. As the healing begins, your opening allows what is to be healed to be in your awareness. The other side of this processing is truth. You are of great worth. You hold the ability within you of deep compassion, you hold within your heart a well of unstoppable love.

5) Begin to experience your own unwinding, demolition, clearing out. Your personality/identity will be slowly dissolved, creating freedom around your heart. You will discover your heart’s strength – a gift like no other. Breathe, let go, relax, and open to Your Heart; it is infinitely knowing.

6) Travel through the threshold of deep forgiveness, for others – and most importantly – for yourself. Treasure crossing this threshold; it is unique in its beauty.

7) Discover an acceptance that you and your quirky ways are an incredible gift from God. Be reassured, you are okay – more than okay – and may even experience a profound love for self and your heart. A heart complete with your own legacy of bruises, bumps, and scars.

8) Step through the threshold of deep gratitude and experience all of the moments of your life in new light – honoring the movement that came to you through the dead ends and the potholes, the pain and suffering, the love and the heartbreaks. All experiences have brought you to this point – right here, right now – where you begin to experience all of who you are from the inside out. This is truth and deep wisdom.

9) Be honest with yourself. Look for the results in your life as you make and take time for your heart; if results are not forthcoming, consider what you are not healing or integrating. Are you doing the work? Be – and stay – truthful to you, No body else in your life will – or can – do this for you. It is your path. You are responsible for how you traverse this path but this does not mean you shouldn’t reach out for support when unable to experience your amazing heart. You are not meant to go through all of life’s healing challenges alone. Stay true to your heart and learn to recognize when your heart would benefit from assistance.

10) Start over on this path to the heart again and again. Why? There is no ending, only opening. Creation is moving quickly. Let go of the old and welcome the new. Embrace the beginnings.

11) Know you will experience a withdrawal from the density of creation and your life will begin to be fuller. Your connection to self and God will become richer. Life will open you into an experience that is beyond your wildest dreams.

12) Be conscious that your heart and spirit always responds to your “yes”. The willingness of your heart is always heard. It does not matter what it looks like, and it may be surprising how your yes is portrayed, sometimes showing up as very raw and vulnerable. There is a real and honest beauty to this raw “yes”, as you can know in absolute certainty that it is coming from your deepest heart’s desire.

13) Share Your wisdom, compassion, acceptance and love from your heart in whatever form. This is a gift from your heart: shine the light for another.

14) Stay aware of the great equalizer will always be arrogance. No matter how far you have traveled in your heart, know that arrogance will always try to take you off path.

This is what makes us human.

Drum up the strength in your heart and start again at number 1 – the beginning. This is where the humble human being surrenders and begins, yet again. Hold yourself in kindness: kindness and compassion will carry you through.

~Welcome Dear One, Beautiful Heart ~

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