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Emotions and Feelings

We have been asked recently, “What is the difference between emotion and feeling”? This is a good – and important – question, and what we’ve observed is that some people do not know how they feel or what emotion they are experiencing. In fact, what we have witnessed is there is a lot of judgement […]

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The Freedom of Forgiveness: Awareness and Tools

Many people have a misconception about forgiveness. Consider the following statement: “I am not ready to forgive yet.” Forgiveness does not condone what happened. Forgiveness is not for the benefit of the other person. Forgiveness does not mean you are able or should spend time with the person you forgive. Forgiveness isn’t about betraying yourself: […]

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Costs of Wearing Masks of Invulnerability

Vulnerability is the emotional ability to access your feelings. This includes showing and feeling your emotions in words, writing, artwork, dance, healing, and in your work, as well as all of your relationships. Being open through expressing all of your emotions — in vulnerability — is the gateway to joy, belonging, creativity, and faith. Much […]

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