Being in Relationship With An Open Heart

“Hold another as your heart yearns to be held. Meet another right where they are, no exceptions, no conditions… simply open your heart” Evoth

The moment we take our first breath is the moment we begin our life journey, and are in a constant state of “being in relationship” with the world around us. This state of “being in relationship” holds the entirety of our human potential.

Through this experience we remember and discover the depths and possibilities of human potential.

As our heart opens we are invited to deeper and more profound experiences of self, realizing that being in relationship with self first is the starting point of getting to know our own hearts.

Relationship with self and others, is committing to a constant state of growth and change. Relationship with our family, friends, co – workers and all those we come in contact in life shifts, grows and expands our emotional awareness and intelligence.

Which leads and supports emotional maturity and a grounded strength of knowing self with an open heart.

Relationships shift as you shift, as your heart moves from protection and fear into more freedom and opening, often new inner boundaries are created. These inner boundaries bring to life the new language of your inner being. The new language of your heart opening and the choices you embrace as your inner being is healing, and growing.

When our hearts contract we create boundaries from fear that ushers in the past, referencing from old pain and hurt. This limits our ability to experience life as a whole being, and only allows us to share portions or aspects of self, while our hearts yearn for a deeper connection with another, from the wholeness of our being.

As you are growing and discovering more of who you are, some people in your life may respond positively, others may respond in reaction.

This change is due to a redefining of self worthiness (a healing of self that happens organically in the deeper layers of the heart), this creates fresh boundaries within our us. You may find that some relationships become strained, these relationships are often ones with people who can not resonate with your new found boundaries, or are not able to honor your growth and your new found voice. These people may be lost in understanding their own heart inquiry. We invite you to allow these people to shift away (temporarily for some) – without resentment or disdain, but with an understanding that these people are on a different threshold of emotional growth than you. As you are discovering your voice, others around you also take time to remember theirs, as your heart opens, so does your voice.

When inner boundaries are created with an open heart, neutrality and love with compassion hold the space for clear and loving communication. When your heart opens, your healing becomes an invitation for another to feel and experience their own heart.

Your modeling of an open heart will allow communication to be experienced in the language that the other can hear and feel. Closing the gap between being separate from and coming back into connection will invite others to embrace the wholeness of self within themselves and with you.

With love,
Patricia & Bill

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