How can you create a powerful relationship with your heart and step into your life with connection and fulfillment?

Beyond Coaching: Hearts in Motion

As a powerful compassionate guide, I support those ready for heart-based solutions that can be applied in their day to day life. Guidance with this love and grace accelerates your spiritual growth and resourcefulness, resulting in you being able to live your life with purpose, meaning, health and love.

Through a series of one on one coaching calls, you will discover your innermost desires and a fuller expression of self. As your heart heals, you will begin to access your strength and clarity, bringing you to intimately know your own heart.

You will be guided to heal and transform old hurts, pain and resistance that may be blocking your life, and your future.

By exposing and facing how these hurts and emotions rule our lives, you will learn to untangle yourself from their powerful impact and influence. When these aspects of self are brought into awareness there is a transformation that occurs in your relationships, deepening your connection both within yourself and with others. This discovery heals into wholesome emotions and impacts all that you love and hold dear. New decisions are made from the healed heart, creating a life full of meaning, purpose and vision.

Holding you with love and deep compassion I guide and support you  – one step at a time – as you move into heartfelt action. Being held in your own unique expression, you will create solutions and be able to relax into a life without worry and fear.

“Patricia,Thank you so much for the safe space you provided for such a deep healing and your pure wisdom that has helped me realize more of my true worth.You are a blessing to those whose lives you touch.” – Vicki Holleman,

“I have known Patricia for over 15 years, as a friend, a mom and on a professional level. I have experienced both group and one on one sessions with Patricia, and Bill on occasion. I have always walked away with a sense of calm and clarity. She is a natural communicator and healer.” – Pola Schacter-Ley,

“I have been attending Patricia’s sessions for just over a year now. It is remarkable how much I have been able to grow, release and go deeper into my heart because of Patricia’s guidance and loving support. I always look forward to a session with Patricia as I am able to reach the depths of my true self much more quickly with this guidance. I am very glad to have someone like her in my life.” – Emma L.

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About Patricia Clum

Patricia supports you to face yourself and learn to untangle from  aspects of self that have a powerful impact and influence, so you can integrate the discovery of new awareness and heal.

Patricia’s extraordinary gift as a powerful guide filled with compassion, love and grace accelerates your spiritual growth and resourcefulness. You will find yourself able to live your life with purpose, meaning, health and love. 

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