Costs of Wearing Masks of Invulnerability

Vulnerability is the emotional ability to access your feelings. This includes showing and feeling your emotions in words, writing, artwork, dance, healing, and in your work, as well as all of your relationships. Being open through expressing all of your emotions — in vulnerability — is the gateway to joy, belonging, creativity, and faith.

Much of this world is losing the ability to be vulnerable because of the false belief that expressing emotions is unnecessary. Vulnerability doesn’t appear to suit society’s head-heavy way of being, so the ability and skill to show oneself fully is weakened. Vulnerability is the greatest of strengths yet is often portrayed as a weakness.

What is invulnerability? Roughly stated, it is when you act impenetrable, wearing a psychological mask of toughness and aloofness. You may appear strong to others, on the outside. But on the inside, when you are invulnerable, you feel as if you are disconnected or crumpling. The outer you and the inner you simply don’t match. This is especially true during stressful and emotional events in your life.

Do you walk around with emotional armor? Are you wearing a tough person disguise to avoid your feelings and vulnerability? Are you aware that this stops others from being close to you? Do you know that this shielding prevents your healing and blocks your creativity? Can you related to these feelings? Does this sound like what you are experiencing?

When people ask how you are, do you provide them details, exposing your true state or, do you pretend you are “doing great” and “just fine?”

Do you know why you are hiding your vulnerability?

What are some of the ways you are attempting to protect yourself?

Do you remember why?

Not letting yourself be (authentically) vulnerable is at the core of shame, fear, and anxiety. This is the result of keeping all of your emotions bottled up inside.

What are all the symptoms?

If you are wearing the mask of invulnerability, you tend to personify all of your emotions, rather than express them. For example, if you are holding in disappointment, instead of expressing it, you will act disappointed in all aspects and relationships in your life. Living in disappointment — or any other form of invulnerability — is a disconnection. This disconnection stops you from connecting emotionally.

In order to heal — your body, your life, and your outlook — you must compel yourself to be vulnerable. You must trust that your feelings matter and deserve being experienced. Being open with your feelings is the first step to healing yourself on every level. Speak, write, dance, sing, show, and create your feelings.

Let your emotions move to the outside of you, through expression!

You have the power for new wholehearted raw vulnerability. Your heart will begin to open in ways you didn’t expect. Your whole perceived world will change when you realize how amazingly lovable you are! You’re on a path of remembering love. This is the evolution of your heart!

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