Creating an Open Heart Through Processing Your Feelings

All aspects of who you really are reside within your heart. When you communicate directly from your heart, your communication is authentic. In your truth and within the full expression of you, you’re your heart, your essence blossoms. Loving yourself and others in this manner — honestly, vulnerably, and in service — is one step towards keep your heart open.

It can be a long healing road to having a open heart. Like everyone, your heart opens and closes like the ebb and flow of the Universe. Yet with each opening and healing, you can live more in life. It is possible to learn to open your heart even during the most uncomfortable times life presents. It is possible in your journey to live more and more “in” and “from” your heart. There are practices and ways of being that heal and support your open heart throughout the journey of your life.

Your heart is open heart if you:
Are lovingly detached;
Allow pure, clear and loving communication;
Relax to let the flow of life happen;
Let go of everything not connected to the self;
Feel and explore all aspects of your natural and full expression.

Pure love is the natural state of your heart. Any emotion outside of love has the opportunity to be processed, felt, understood, and released through spiritual practices. Once you can separate unintegrated emotions from your heart, you set the conditions for emotions to integrate and transform you. This, in turn, allows authentic communication to flow. When you are not allowing your emotions to be processed through to letting go, you don’t “feel good.”
The only real block preventing you from completely living in your heart is fear. Fear — as a form of loss or feeling of separation or lack. Fear is stress from the possibility losing “heart to soul” communication. If you feel or sense that you are no longer communicating from your heart to your soul, you will experience fear. In its many forms, fear fogs the messaging of your heart, however, fear is not real. Love is real. Every experience you have is an opportunity to choose either fear or love. How you view, relate and react to each experience determines the emotions you associate with that experience. When you purposefully process each feeling and thought of your experiences — with purity and compassion — you will grow in your awareness. Initially it may seem awkward but soon you’ll discover how you have learned and grown through experience. This new-found awareness will lead you to appreciation and gratitude, which changes your perception of how you feel about each experience. Remember this: each moment of your life is an experience. Embrace your opening heart!

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