Divine Leadership ~ Do you wonder at times…if you are a leader?

Divine Leadership… do you wonder at times if you are a leader?

Now, reach deep inside your soul, to see if you feel the origins of leadership growing inside of you. Wow, this shift towards leadership is potent! It seems like so many we speak with lately is feeling as if they are waking up to leadership.

For humanity, this is a new paradigm.

Divine leadership is awakening in many of us who have gone through the extreme journey of vacillating back and forth from the light to the darkness. It is created from dancing between the shadows of density of conscious, and the brilliance of love. This results in deep awareness, allowing openings into love.

Can you feel these seeds of leadership growing within you?

Here is the pattern that precedes leadership sprouting from within: as you fluctuate between the light and shadows upon your spiritual path, each stumble creates strength. Each time you turn back towards the light, it builds momentum in the connection with Spirit / Source / Divine. And this power is truly within your heart, where the spark of divinity lives.

How else can you recognize the dark / light dance process of leadership realization?

Within this stumbling back into light is the remembering of “I AM” consciousness. This awakening into I AM within your heart is the key to remembering – and embodying – compassion, humility and love.

Is this leadership metamorphosis happening to you?
Here is a key step you may recognize…

In time – when opening and stumbling repeatedly – you strongly feel the calling to become a leader. This type of leadership asks that you model leadership. This modeling (externally showing how to act in love) is fueled from the depths of our hearts.

How does this new divine leadership add to your life?

It gives you the deepest healing in the process of self-discovery! It’s true that this divine leadership will transform your relationship with the Divine, the self, and the world. Being a divine leader means that you hold vast wisdom of human experience.

Yes, holding the power of divine leadership results in: continual courage, honesty, plus willingness and truthfulness in your heart. This leadership empowers you to face fear head on. As this power grows internally, you embrace all aspects of self, even the most uncomfortable.

In being a divine leader, you are willing to lead from the fullest of your heart; you will not act in a dualistic way that include competition, arrogance, popularity, or the need for being right. As a divine leader, you’ll constantly ease into the light. No matter the circumstance, this is a dance of being in pure presence, connected to Divinity in continual surrender.

What is the purpose of divine leadership?

People in divine leadership cause worldwide ripples by taking necessary light-infused moral action in everyday life. Divine leadership saturates work, play, family time, and socializing. Its power is transmitted through your words, actions, touches, plus your voice. The smallest of actions are far-reaching, and contribute directly to other hearts, modeling how to live with such open integrity.

When divine leadership is realized, all healing needs are instantly recognized and spurs you with a knowing to move deeper into your next opening into the light of divinity. Although you may stumble again, you’ll have inner wisdom of your soul’s eternal invitation to move deeper into the light. In this holy process, all that you do in life becomes an offering — a service to others – as your gift awakens divinity deep within others’ hearts.

Are you ready to nurture the seeds of divine leadership within you?

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