Hearts Invitation Sessions

Welcome to your next invitation of moving from fear back into love. Patricia and Bill offer an exploration in the heart and a soul level beyond traditional methods of healing therapies and modalities, a deeper experience of dissolving and removing blocks. Places within that have disconnected, come back into awareness for healing and transformation. During this step by step process you will be supported with dialogue, guided meditation, divine information, and energetically.

You will begin to experience a deeper connection with self and others in your life. You will begin to express your own voice, moving in truth, begin to embrace your inherent gifts, heal from the past and move towards your life and souls purpose.

People that choose to explore the heart / mind/ soul realms with Patricia and Bill come from diverse backgrounds, all ages and cultures. They come with a knowing that they desire deeper shifts and changes, whether years of inquiry or have just begun their journey within.

The One on One sessions are personalized, powerful, focused and concentrated. These sessions assist in creating results, momentum, and harmony that integrates into your day-to-day life. Heart-based solutions to daily challenges are found through the exploration of self – deeply, profoundly and energetically supported. You will be stretched and all that is revealed will continue to integrate between your session calls and/ or between retreat experiences.

Bill and Patricia support their clients in these private, individualized One on One sessions: whether in person or by using Zoom and telephone for those clients in international locations. They encourage you to keep in touch and connected while the opportunity and the momentum of your heart opening is anchoring into your day to day life.

Individual Session

1 hour to 1-1/2 hours of personalized guidance. $175.00 US. Are you a Yes to the movement of your own transformation? This session is an inquiry of what is moving in your heart and spiritual realm. You will begin to experience and witness if your heart is opened or closed. Unveiling will begin during this session to bring to light where your movement is from within, what threshold you are healing, and what is the opportunity that is inviting you. You will begin to experience the possibility of moving from fear (contraction) back into love (openness). We welcome our clients to touch base through these individual sessions, and between retreats. This session is also recommended for people that are new to working with Evolution of The Heart and are curious about embracing the possibility.

We have created three packages to support men and women who are committing to their inner journey of getting to know self in a powerful, heart focused way. These packages support a remembering, an inquiry which is embraced by divinity, as each heart opens uniquely and differently. The purpose of these packages is that as one commits, all in the universe aligns to support the experience of opening into love, clearing away all that is not love. Along with this purpose, the financial commitment is honored with each package offering more, for less financial commitment. We invite you as you register for a package, to book two or three ahead on the booking schedule. Depending on your desire for growth and what you are moving through, usually 7 to 14 days apart for a session is recommended to stay within the momentum of heart opening and awareness.

Clearing the Way Package

These 6 sessions are 1 to 1-1/2 hours and continue the momentum of your opening heart.

From the individual session, to a deeper commitment to self and your growth. This package allows all that is revealed during the sessions, to integrate into your life. This support actively begins clearing away the old, and builds the strength of your heart, encouraging movement from mind to heart, where the practices come alive in all areas of your life!

6 x One on One sessions for $735.00 US

Beyond the Knowing Package

These 8 sessions are 1 to 1-1/2 hours and honor the deep movement that is calling you. You have awareness your heart is opening, you are living your life of knowing your heart, and feel the strength of your own heart-led life. Now the calling, the desire is to go deeper and move into the unknown. These sessions support you in the space of the unknown, beyond and into what is opening next for you. Your Divine purpose and soul calling becomes alive, you begin to embrace all that you are becoming!

8 x One on One sessions for $980.00 US

I Am All In Package

These 12 sessions are 1 to 1-1/2 hour and speaks to those with a deep commitment and living the yes in their heart! You have taken many paths, and now you know your heart’s desire is the most blessed call from deep in your soul. You are willing to deepen your inner journey and explore places within that are deep, healing and holy. You experience many realizations as within the other packages, with your divine purpose and soul calling actively engaged with each breath. You understand in this opportunity of the realms of the heart, there is always new beginnings, and divine clearing available moment to moment. Through these sessions your heart strengths, your mind clears, and you open to energetic guidance. The core of you is revealed and begins to lead you like never before!

12 x One on One sessions for $1470.00 US