Hearts Invitation Sessions

These One on One sessions are personalized, powerful, focused and concentrated. These sessions assist in creating results, momentum, and harmony that integrates into your day-to-day lives, and finding heart-based solutions to daily challenges through the exploration of self – deeply, profoundly and energetically supported. You will be stretched and all that is revealed will continue to integrate between calls and between retreats.

Bill and Patricia support all their clients in these private, individualized One on One sessions: whether in person or by using Zoom and telephone for those clients in international locations. They encourage you to keep in touch and connected while the opportunity and the momentum of your heart opening is anchoring into your day to day life.

Single session

1 hour to 1 1/2 hours of personalized guidance $ 175.00 US. Are you a Yes to the movement of your own transformation?

Clearing the Way Package

These sessions continue the momentum of your opening heart. They support the clearing away of the old and begin to build the strength of your heart, encouraging movement from mind to heart and holding the practices alive in your day to day life.

6 x One on One sessions for $735.00 US

Beyond the Knowing Package

Your heart is opening, you are living your life of knowing your heart and feel the strength of your own heart-led life. Now the calling is to go deeper and move into the unknown. These sessions support you in the space of the unknown, beyond and into what is opening next for you.

8 x One on One sessions for $980.00 US

I Am All In Package

Deep commitment and living the Yes in your heart!

12 x One on One sessions for $1470.00 US