Intensive Retreats ~ Open to Love

Retreats are the divine opportunity to Immerse yourself in consecutive days focused on the beautiful and life-changing inner work of your heart. The time spent in retreat is from 2 ½ days to 10 days depending on the location. Our retreats are local and international providing a integral space for the sacredness of healing the heart, connecting with your soul and relaxing the mind. As we come together as a group realms of awakening are amplified, not only will you have your own experiences, you will actively witness another’s heart opening. In this format even deeper levels of awareness are experienced, deeper healing is available as the compassionate and sacredness of the container is held by 10 to 14 people. The impact of the Retreat with women and men coming together in heart openings is very potent, deeply supportive, and life-changing.

The retreats are live in or live out and the practices with the processes support your evolving heart throughout the retreat experience.

Through deep guidance, a profound opportunity is available for each participant to recognize the truth in their heart and to remember who they are. Beyond pain and suffering, you get to know self and develop the relationship between you and your heart. This is done simply, powerfully and with clarity so that your life is directly influenced by your growth.

You will be invited to release the old and welcome the new:

  • Language of the heart and mind
  • The unveiling of the protectors that influence your life
  • Letting go of limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • Recognizing patterns that hold you back from giving or receiving love
  • Inquiring into your heart
  • Creating journal communication
  • Intentional silence & reflection
  • Guided active meditation
  • Breath & grounding
  • Gentle movement
  • Open to Forgiveness
  • Open to Gratitude
  • Open to Surrender

There is a genuine movement from a denser place within to one of light and realization by the end of the retreat, and the process continues long after the opening. The shifts of perception will profoundly highlight results and awareness in your life. In the healing and transformation during the retreat , you will begin to experience deeper expressions of Empathy, Vulnerability, Openness, Truth, and Compassion.

“The beauty of this workshop is the simplicity, genuineness, and connectivity (tune-in) collectively into our hearts. Beautiful process and trusted workshop leadership who welcome you with invitation without obligation. There is time to celebrate and embrace the freedom “within”. Patricia and Bill are wonderful workshop leaders (considerate, loving, genuine and connected). The result I received was a lightness of the heart.”

-Rich Durepos

“I came to Heart retreat with just a general expectation to reignite a spiritual practice in my life. Mission accomplished and much, much more. By getting back in touch with my childhood self, I realized that I was carrying a lot of deep-seated anger over my mother’s fight with cancer and much too early death. The release of anger facilitated lovingly by Patricia and Bill, brought a profound shift out of anger and into love. Uncovering such a deep unintegrated emotion and beginning to integrate it in a loving way into the heart was a beautiful first step in living a life centered on the heart. I look forward to diving deeper and letting my heart sing ever louder. I would recommend the Evolution of the Heart retreat to EVERYONE, as we all need to release pains, anger and sorrows unwittingly shaping our lives, and steadily grow as heart-centered beings.”

Brian O’Neil

“I came with an open heart and no expectations. What I received was healing in deep areas of my heart that I had no idea needed healing. My inner spirit told me I didn’t need to run anymore. I could stop to feel, listen and ponder all that’s in my heart. Learning to discover my true self and to love all that I am is what I received. Gentle love, breath, and peace are some of the things I take home with me. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to shift or change before starting the retreat. Bill and Patricia hold love and light. The result I received was getting to know myself and healing old experiences. Thank you, thank you, thank you Bill and Patricia for providing the space for God to love me and to hold me”

Michele Glass

“I experienced a deeper opening of my heart to be free to express my truth with a loving, fuller heart. Patricia and Bill are genuine, soft and loving, making it easy to open softly to your authentic self of love expressing one layer at a time. It would be wonderful to experience another retreat in the future and I would invite others to open their hearts.”

Deborah Nolan

“I wanted to shift my anger towards my dad during the retreat. This retreat with Patricia and Bill was nothing I have experienced before. The outcome resulted in getting a lot of anger off my heart and to feel better. I would participate in another retreat in the future and would consider inviting a friend to join me.”

Gary Sugerman

Upcomming retreats


Sacred Heart Intensive Weekend Retreat, Vancouver, WA, USA, Mar 22-24, 2019
Sacred Heart One Day Retreat, Bowen Island, BC, Canada, Mar 31, 2019
Sacred Heart Intensive Weekend Retreat Olympia, WA, USA, Apr 26-28, 2019
Sacred Heart Intensive Weekend Retreat, Comox, BC, Canada, May 4-5, 2019
Sacred Heart Intensive Immersion Weekend Retreat San Diego, CA, USA, May 17-19, 2019
Sacred Heart Intensive Weekend Retreat, Bowen Island, BC, Canada, July 20-21, 2019

Please email for more information or to register for an upcoming retreat. As retreats fill, you will be placed on a waiting list. Thank you!

“Clarity is power! Not only d I accomplished want my intention was to release that was not serving me anymore, but I also finally got what I’m supposed to do with my life. I was able to go back to my childhood to see what my purpose is! Thank you Patricia and Bill for providing the space, love and support!”

Karolina F.

“I came to the workshop wanting to remove blocks around starting a business, and what I left with was entirely what I wanted, but in a different way than what my mind expected! Patricia and Bill really hold a safe space to work on deep rooted feelings and blocks in a loving and supportive way. My heart feels bright and I literally feel like my brain has been rewired!”

Tammy C.

“Thank you for the love that you both share. The results, improvements, and outcomes, that I got from the weekend was very healing. The three day retreat has left my heart more open to trusting myself and my own voice. I’m excited to see where my heart leads me!”

Vicki S.

Introductory Gatherings or Retreats in Your Area with your Community

These Introduction gatherings ( 2 1/2 hours) is a taste of what is possible in the movement within your own heart.

There is a discussion of the heart and mind with opportunity of healing and releasing that which no longer serves you. We also welcome the individual to bring us to their area for our retreat events. These gatherings are hosted and organized by individuals that welcome us into their own communities.

You are invited to host a gathering with your heart base community. Just fill the form below and we will be in touch with you.