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“I am dedicated to supporting men as they awaken to their deepest heart, and purpose.”

Man to Man Coaching with Bill Clum

My work is to guide each man’s journey of inner discovery and inquiry of self with the heart realm as the focus. I am dedicated to helping men awaken to their deepest heart. 

I work with men in one-on-one sessions as well as in group gatherings. I teach practices, guided meditation, active processes and holding of space for the opening of creator consciousness and awareness. These sessions are powerful life-changing events. 

Many men think and believe they have to do it alone, not recognizing that there is support and guidance to move through pain and suffering. Men are not meant to go it alone, and I offer my own experience as a man who has moved through these awakening heart realms to help men along the heart path.  

Emotions are the raw ingredients of awakening. The first thing I do is guide a man to clarity, to get clear with himself, and understand what is moving in his heart. My job is helping men recognize and move through the thresholds of awakening, moving from a life of resistance to a life of receiving, to embrace all emotion (instead of avoiding emotions). 

To begin to open to forgiveness, to let go of old belief systems, and to embrace the unknown. Moving from reacting in a relationship to learning to respond and communicate. Learning how to create intimacy with yourself and your partner with freedom and deep connection. To live fully grounded and present in your heart with strength and freedom.

That is my work helping men. I hope you will join me.

-Bill Clum

Experiences with Bill Clum

Evolution of the Heart
"Through working with Bill, I feel I have taken giant strides in remembering the man I came here to be.” 
Evolution of the Heart
"Bill works beyond the mind. He invites me to a place of deep trust, acceptance and allowance, a place within myself where there is a deeper knowing from which appropriate action comes in the most natural and obvious way." 
Bill Clum

About Bill Clum

“We are here to realize and actualize our deeper purpose in this human form.”

Bill helps you build a foundation, providing tools for strength in the emotional and spiritual domain, yielding flow and freedom to be who you have come here to be. A life of awakening is not one in which we never fall into a dark valley, it is one in which when we do fall, we have learned how to move through it. We need emotional muscle in order to rise. It takes work to develop emotional muscle. This is the inner work of the soul.

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