Now what?

You have been on the journey of your own awakening for sometime.

You have taken countless courses, programs, teachings, and spent your energy, money and time getting to know self. There has been improvements, relationships are closer, you are able to say yes or no with less fear or doubt. Maybe relationships start or end. Jobs change or are recreated.

You rode the wave for a while thinking “this is it, this is it!!”

Loving life, thinking “I have done it!”

And then you found yourself on the shore again. Feeling lost or disappointed – “I thought I healed this, why isn’t it working?” Or “oh no, not again.”

Or perhaps you have found a new comfortable place in life, everything is good or ok.

Yet, when you are alone or lying in bed as you go to sleep, or awake you may be thinking “what now?” and feeling a yearning that is so deep it hurts. Or perhaps feeling numb with emotion – can’t really receive or give from the depth of what you feel – and those dearest to you notice, then fear comes in again. Fear twisting words, thoughts and experiences.

“What now? “There must be something more to life.” “Why me this sucks,” may be swirling through your mind.

There is a point in one’s path of awareness that there is no where to go but forward. To keep moving. To embrace new beginnings of your heart journey.

To feel the invitation to go higher and deeper in your own inner existence. Let go of all you think you know!! Hearts and souls evolve, a constant state of new beginnings beckon each heart. There is no end, no completion. The mind (we humans are so clever) will try to grab onto your soul/ heart awakening, and claim it. This need of the mind to control, manipulate, or try to manufacture your heart opening, creates more suffering, more separation, and begins to dim your own inner light. (All part of the divine plan of releasing attachments and/ or looking for love outside of self). You are again in the process of opening and evolving. Processing fear and protection of the mind that has been buried or covered up with all that you have already healed. All those years of searching brings you right to this moment now. We encourage you to let go of all the “have to” or “must” practices, or ways of being with self that no longer brings in the feeling of inspiration or creativity. All that you have learned that is no longer relevant to where your inner being is guiding you. Allow yourself to unwind, allow all the “have to’s” “should’s” to transform into a deeper Yes!

Try sleeping in, or taking naps. Maybe switch your food into what your body is calling. Simple, yummy, nourishing food. Or grab some ice cream! Wake up in the morning and walk barefoot in the sand or forest.

This world, your life is meant to be enjoyed fully!!

Take time with self, giving yourself Love & compassion. Let go of others ideas of you & awaken to what’s moving in you. These are sacred Movements of getting to know self at the core of you. This deep listening with your yes! Will guide you… welcome the softness of your own heart. Moving forward with an open heart, takes us deeper into Love.

“Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there.” – Rumi

In love,
Patricia & Bill

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