“Opening Your Heart: Expansions, Contractions, and Maintenance”

Opening your heart takes courage! Your unique heart opening is a self-propelled journey that takes personal dedication and awareness.

You’ll ask yourself:
“Am I desiring to get past what has silenced my heart?”
“Do I want to let go of everything that is not neutral or loving?”
“Am I ready to release all inner struggles and pain I am carrying?”
“Am I ready to step past “who I think I am” and open to my true self?”

Awareness, surrender, and self-honesty are the keys to keeping your heart open. It is vital to stay focused on maintaining the vulnerability of your newly opened way. This is the beginning of how you support a heart-led life. The emotional heart “muscle” is developing. Like every muscle, it needs exercise, fuel and rest. It requires constant practice to open, clear, and maintain openness in your heart.

After an initial heart opening, there often is a contraction. This contraction, which moves us from “heart feeling” to “mind-ego”, is natural. It can happen days, weeks, or even months later. It is also reversible. In this situation, the mind (ego) will gather information to bombard the sensitive heart with doubt and disbelief. And, although this is a natural occurrence that you will go through, our support will guide you gently back to your beating heart.

The mind (ego) attempts to invalidate (eclipse) experiences of heart openings. The mind endeavors to keep the heart in the pain of the past, rather than open to the unknown and beauty that awaits.

The mind’s fear (grief, anger) acts as an invalidator. This un-integrated emotion is a distortion that leaves the heart bound, and misinforms you about yourself, others, and your life. The invalidating mind attempts to stop a heart-led life and it takes courage to face, release and co-create the disarming of your invalidator. We support this disarmament for you to truly experience the peace of your heart, and the Love and Light awaiting within.

Living from your heart is where you can find clarity, compassion, awareness, and feeling presence. In essence, your authentic purpose, which helps you achieve the highest vibration of love with yourself and your life.

We assist you, during and in between sessions and events, to nourish your heart in its growth. As your emotional heart muscle builds strength, you are able to let go and develop trust in yourself. The energy of your growth and trust connects you to creator consciousness.

In love, we invite you to live from your deepest heart! We invite you to embrace the sacredness of this possibility. We are blessed to hold the space for YOUR heart’s continual opening…and love ever expanding.

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