“Out of Africa? In Love With Gambia!”

“Out of Africa? In Love With Gambia!”
late November 2014, by Bill ofwww.evoth.org 
by Bill of Evolution of the Heart
Occasionally, I am asked to travel to different parts of the world to speak about health protocols. Through this, I have discovered that Creator sends me to amazing places all over the planet to gain spiritual wisdom. In these blessings of travel, I spiritually achieve deeper connections to Mother Earth and her inhabitants.
Recently, the questionable mainstream media has described the enormous continent of Africa (and its people) as dangerously toxic because of Ebola. The news and internet has been generating a great deal of fallacious fear and imaginary paranoia about many African regions.
With this entire mainstream media hype, I was not surprised that Creator (via my health protocal job) decided to send me to Africa! I have to admit that I was nervous to go. Yet, I was determined to shine my healing light there!
When I arrived in the city of Banjul in the country of Gambia — at the airport — I noticed that everyone had to have his or her temperature taken. If someone carried symptoms, they are sent to the medical area within the airport.
Once exiting the airport, my eyes were treated to a multitude of brightly dressed beautiful people. As I traveled into the depths of the town, I discovered the surroundings to be vibrant and tropical. Sounds from prismatic birds and loud monkeys saturated each natural area.
I fully embraced the genuine experience! I felt as if I was a light-bearing healer – disguised as a businessman – going “under-cover” to spiritually restore others.
Yet, I discovered a deeper sense of Africa – that healed both my beliefs and myself — in the short time I was there.
African people of Gambia are warmhearted and gregarious. Whatever they feel, they simply speak out loud: there is no need to hold back personal expressions in their culture. They are compassionate and straightforward. Every individual I met seemed excited about visitors in their country.
Like a joyful self-fulfilling prophesy, Gambia is nicknamed “The Smiling Coast.” Everyone I was blessed to meet continually smiled with amazing delight and never-ending mirth. The welcoming demeanor of everyone we interacted with, filled my heart with love and made me feel welcome. These people of this region were full of friendly curiosity! They are some of the most gracious and welcoming people I have ever met.
Even the businessmen I worked with filled our time with jokes, wit, and mirth. They embodied the grounded lightheartedness of enjoying humor combined with a loving acceptance of human nature. They were also publicly spiritual, and everyone prayed openly before and after every meeting.
Wherever I went, the locals would often say: “There is something about you! I don’t know what it is… You have so much peace.”
There was an unparalleled level of family commitment and community involvement. Every Saturday, each family would communally clean their house, streets and neighborhoods in a loving co-creative way!
Throughout the whirlwind of travel – interacting with locals, business people, individuals, and crowds in cafes and hotels – I simply fell in love with the joyful people of Gambia!
Staying in my heart — I felt the peace of connecting with others hearts — beyond language or culture or religious beliefs – as I opened to divine in each person.
If only the news could truthfully convey the loving embracing nature of this place, and not project fear upon it! Yet, perhaps this writing itself will change mainstream beliefs about this region.
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