Practices that support the Heart

Are your practices opening your Heart or closing your Heart?

Divine Timing ~
Are you ready to live life even more deeply from your own heart? It’s a deep commitment within, you will be the one that creates the momentum. You will be the one to face fears head on and embrace the raw and vulnerable truth. Illusion will break away and your own inner light will arise. Your life will shift, change will happen.
Are you ready? How deep is your yes?

Dropping the Doing ~
(Doing focuses on the future and often references the past.)
It’s a busy world, full of mind gymnasiums, mind traps, and heart closing experiences. In life there are basic everyday needs to take care of, yet in the over doing, our creativity is exhausted. The inner being becomes weary, and over time joy becomes a memory, more than a moment to moment experience.
It is ok just to “be” and over time this creates much more space within so you can experience the fullness of being and life. Yes, your world may begin to shift around you, and you may find that by embracing the “beingness,” that your life moves from dullness to vibrancy.
In the beginning, spend a few moments with self, simply being with you.
No distraction, no doing, no have to, no should ~~~ just simply be.

Create a Relationship with Your Emotions ~
Emotions may feel overwhelming, and big. All emotion deserves to be felt. All emotion is guiding you, and bringing you closer to your own heart. Feel them, ride them like a wave, breathing, allowing, and letting yourself move with them.
You’ll notice that after the wave, or during the wave, an awareness fills your heart and/or your mind. An “ah ha” moment ~ a realization that is pertinent to your life now.
Take a few moments and savor your heart awareness!

Move Your Body ~
Your body serves you in every breath, in and out of your awareness. As you move your body in practices such as walking, stretching, yoga, and dance, you are supporting your bodies natural rhythm of contraction and release. The body supports this movement with a very complicated, yet organic system, that gives you each breath and heart beat, almost always outside of your awareness. In this movement all that has been stored in your body begins to breakup and move. Old emotions, old experiences, old thoughts begin an organic metamorphism, creating clarity and release with relief of energy moving.
That which has held on, let’s go, naturally. Out of the minds need to control, maneuver, and places the letting go right back into the arena of heart, body and soul.
As your heart opens, you must surrender and include your body.
You are a whole human being, not part or pieces, include your whole self in your awakening.

Breath ~
Your breath is the sweetness of life communicating to you. Yes, your breath is the gift that was given the moment you were born. What we witness is if breath is shallow, the upper chest~ the heart is contracted and the mind is very active. Looping in the past or future, skipping over the present moment. As ones breath deepens and is slow and relaxed, the body joins and in time, the mind softens and relaxes.
The more awareness there is with one’s breath, the more the relationship is built with breath, the more the heart and mind relax and open. Open heart ~ Open mind.

Compassion ~
Be more compassionate, loving, patient, kind to self ~ get to know your own heart. Compassion is felt and learned. As you are more compassionate with yourself, you will naturally be more compassionate with others.
Do you have room for more compassion?

Patience ~
Give yourself more time to grow, to open, to embrace awareness. The heart opens and the heart will then contract. Give yourself time to experience each threshold of opening. The unveiling of your heart is layer by layer, petal by petal.
As you open and grow, you are building your direct experience and strength in your own heart. To really get to know you in this lifetime.
Enjoy the ride, it’s been built just for you!

Spend Time in Nature ~
She will hold you, embrace you, and remind you of connection and acceptance. Find the magic in every experience you have with her, remember she gives you life!
Forest, beach, or backyard, each moment you spend with her will reveal nature’s mysteries. Allow your heart and being to open with her, each breath and each step.

Drink Water ~
Give your body water, it will thank you. When more emotion is moving, support with water.
Luscious and delicious water.

Food ~
Every bite you take are you honoring your body? As each heart is different so is each body. Learn about your body, what feeds and what harms. As you open your heart and follow your soul, your body will guide you. Eating too much or too little is a way your body may be communicating to you that you are in a deep emotional movement of depth and love yearning to arise. Let your body feel and guide you into an opening and honor your own flow, find what is sacred of how you are with your body.

Journal Your Life, Your Heart Opening ~
This is your life, your journey.
As you have awakenings, awareness, and heart openings, so much is revealed and healed.
In this state of grace your inner knowing will communicate to you.
Your inner guidance system will arise and give you love, encouragement and blessings.
To write down your experience and awareness, is to begin to have your own pathway birth from experience, to pen and paper. As your journey continues, you will find this as support for your inner-being in the moments that you are again within a storm or fog. This practice is powerful and necessary in the letting go of the old and opening to the new. Journal, live and be.

Loving Relationships ~
Have powerful, honest, loving relationships, you can bravely be you in. People that can hold you as you cry, listen to you, and tell you the vulnerable truth. Another that embraces you so fully, all your masks or armor can be put to the side for these precious times. These circle of friends and/ or family do not compete with you, (as you do not with them) they embrace you. You are there for them as they are there for you. The more you reveal, the more sacred they share and reveal. Be part of building a community of heart based connection experiencing deep truths, awareness, and hearts blossoming together. Sharing joy, Love & Connection.

We are Meant to Evolve Together ~
Let go of believing you have to do it on your own, as you are unwinding from the old. Let go of already knowing, this is the traps of the mind. Just like a dentist, doctor, plumber, or landscaper, there are those who have dedicated their lives to the realms of the heart.
Reach out, humbly allow, and open to support and guidance. Your heart and your willingness will guide you. We are on this planet to grow each other, love each other, and open our hearts together. Remember, follow your heart!

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