Respect Yourself, Respect Your Process

As you continue to answer the call of your heart, your being will shift. You have opened to a new way forward- a path of learning, remembering and growth. And with that comes challenges and triumphs. The unique path you walk is meant to be imperfectly perfect. Remember this.

The ego’s response to a ‘mistake’ is psychological imprisonment, emotional self-punishment and self-torture. The thinking mind becomes obsessed with what took place, replaying the scenario and the associated feelings in your system again and again, reinforcing the idea that you could have done something more, better or different instead of accepting that everything unfolded as it was meant to. This leads to self-hatred, self-doubt and a mistrust in the world.

Yet everything can shift, when your perception shifts. All of this can be traded in for self-respect and self-love. The more you can respect yourself, the more you connect with and become your truest self.

It doesn’t have to be a big shift. As you give yourself respect and honor your ‘mistakes’ as part of your path of understanding and forgive each step along the way as your own spiritual awakenings, you are witnessing the miracle of God and the opening of your own heart.

When you let go of the disrespect of self, illusion is broken and you begin to perceive and experience a truer way of being. Your heart begins to blossom in the fertile soil of self-respect.

Beyond the world that once was known to you- a limited, contracted and painful version of self- lies your truth. As you move through into self-respect and respond to your deepest heart’s call, you move beyond the pain & suffering. You no longer ignore, choose not to look at, or are uncertain about know how to look at the ‘mistakes’ along your path. By moving into a harmonious and fruitful perception of who you are and what you do, you embrace it all from a place of self-respect and a deep knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Art by Mary Pines

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