The 3 F’s by Patricia

We would like to share a writing that came through Patricia, “The 3 F’s”

“When I am in the channeled Expression of Creation ~ when energy is coming into share, a theme is birthed.
Last night, in a gathering, 3 words came in strongly.

The 3 F’s. We all hear the call or desire to truly get to know self. To have a life of meaning, purpose, expression, connection and yes, love. To be so accepting of self that love is felt and given from your own heart.
Simply. Powerfully.
Whether it’s through, family, partnership, career or all of these avenues ~ our hearts move us in life.

So when sitting last night with open hearts, the wisdom came in quite clearly for the path from mind to heart.

Faith ~ is the bridge that’s built to experience new places within. Often in our growth, the faith will light our way in the darkest moments. Those times of turmoil, faith guides us with grace, ease, and tenderness. Faith, is the movement before words or ideas are formed. Live in Faith. Trust Faith. Surrender to Faith.

Fruit ~ just as we witness the fruit on a tree, each fruit ripens at a different time. If we pick too early, the fruit is hard, underdeveloped and sour. When we pick at a time when the fruit is ripe, it gently comes of the stem and opens to a delicious and sweet nourishing experience. Messy, sweet, inviting.
In matters of the heart, each ripen within their own divine timing. Each open to love in this divine timing. This movement can not be forced, manipulated, controlled, or planned. As natural and organic as fruit ripens, so does your heart. Be patient, offer the gift of acceptance as your heart opens divinely to the depths of your love.

Fantasy ~ there is a whole world of the minds fantasy of what love is or isn’t. There is a whole world of a fantasy of what god is or isn’t. We can be deep in our own lives and yet completely involved in fantasy. Divinity can be right at your doorstep, yet we can still be in the suffering of fantasy. Wanting something other than what your life is right now. Trapped in the past or trapped in the future. Fantasy is a seduction that is entertaining, captivating, and very sparkly – yet over time only increases the deep suffering within the heart and soul. You and your own heart are the miracle, waiting for you. When you are ready to come out of fantasy ~ your heart will meet you, fully.

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