The Freedom of Forgiveness: Awareness and Tools

Many people have a misconception about forgiveness.
Consider the following statement: “I am not ready to forgive yet.”

Forgiveness does not condone what happened. Forgiveness is not for the benefit of the other person. Forgiveness does not mean you are able or should spend time with the person you forgive.

Forgiveness isn’t about betraying yourself: it is a way of freeing yourself. Forgiveness benefits you and heals your heart and transforms your life, offering freedom from your past.

Forgiveness is an act of healing oneself, from the compassionate depth of your heart, because it removes and dissolves the pain of your attachments.
There is no “forgiveness button”. There is no timeline and there are no set rules. It is not a “one time” action and there is no “quick fix” either. Forgiveness is a process that can take time and certainly requires repetition, as layers and layers are shed from the heart back into love. In choice, you have an opportunity to free yourself from the pain of the past, in order to heal, open your heart and move forward.

Forgiveness will include self-forgiveness. This enables you to forgive yourself and others, allowing for your heart to heal and lifting any heaviness or pain that holds back your love for yourself and others. Forgiveness transforms your being, freeing you at the most profound level. Self-forgiveness will increase your awareness about the core of your being. Through awareness, the forgiveness process invites a liberation from the old patterns. It takes courage to take responsibility for and awareness of your own patterns. The energy shift available through forgiveness can significantly improve your patterns and break longstanding, unwanted cycles; cycles of programming, personal patterns and energetic attachments to other people. The radical constant acts of forgiveness will change your life by healing your heart and impacting those around you. Yourself, your family, your friends and all of those in your life.

How to Forgive Yourself

When you witness yourself mentally judging, blaming or shaming yourself or another, the opportunity arises to forgive yourself. Breathe and feel through the emotions. Forgiveness is an open hearted practice that supports freeing the emotions in your heart, to create a new reality. Feeling “bad” about a person or situation is your cue to allow the possibility to forgive others or yourself. Within forgiveness is your ability and movement of clearing your energy, trusting your heart and stepping into co-creation of your reality — as you are — in this moment. All your experience has led to this awakening of forgiveness, and you are now living in the present — not the past — and not the future, because of it. Open to the love all around you, you are able to appreciate and live from the masterpiece that dwells in your heart: love.

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