The Heart ~ From the Heart

We have been blessed to be working with brave and courageous people – both men and women, young and old – supporting all to remember their hearts. We call this work courageous because the inner journey of self is like no other journey or experience one will have in their lifetime.

It takes courage to live life from one’s heart, finding strength in the heart’s vulnerability.
It takes courage to let go of all the old ideas, old expectations and pain that one carries to create room to experience and get to know oneself.

We have had the blessing of witnessing so many people gain fulfillment, inner freedom and self expression.

1) Hearts are pure and full of love.

Over the years we have been witnessing the beauty of hearts. No matter what it looks like – even with all the scars and bruises of life – hearts are full of love and bursting to express love. Willing and open to connect with themselves and others.

2) Hearts are invited to be listened to and heard.

That may not be as easy as it seems. Listening to your heart takes time, attention, and practice. Why? Our world is the mind’s playground, so take a break from all life’s distractions and learn to listen to your Heart. Focus on what your heart is whispering (or shouting). You may even be surprised at what you discover!

3) Meet the great protector: the mind creates an inner struggle before surrendering to the heart’s wisdom.

This protection over the heart shows up as: opinion, preferences and judgements. The protector can even disguise itself as spiritual or even be found behind religion.

The protector is very tricky and convincing. Note that this protector looks for evidence that it is right. It explains, defends, and protects its position. And this, dear hearts, over time, cuts off the very life force you are thirsty to experience!

Notice that when this protector is at the wheel, it becomes the driving force of your life and distorts every relationship you have; with yourself and the other people in your life.

4) Your Heart needs your clarity.

You want clarity in your life? Be clear to your own heart, meaning drop into your heart and listen. Say “yes” when you feel a yes in your heart, say “no” when you feel a no in your heart. When you say “yes” when you feel a “no” or the reverse, “no” when you feel a “yes”, confusion, overwhelm, frustration and resentment all occur. Become loyal to the voice of your heart.

5) To live more in your heart does not mean you become a doormat.

Yes, you will experience a surrendering, a letting go, which wakes you up to your own vulnerability and truth.

From this place you’ll remember your presence in your heart; you’ll stand in truth, perhaps even seeing yourself for the first time. You will face the truth of who you are and all the quirks that comprise the wonderful being of you. You will remember the beauty in you, that sweetness that fills your heart with self-love. You will no longer be as tolerant of the cries of others wanting your heart to be something it is not, and thus your life purpose arises.

6) Everything in our lives is the opportunity to awaken and remember our hearts.

Your heart is full of inner wisdom and resources to support you in your life. When we awaken to this, life itself changes around us. We see life clearly, letting go of what does not matter and we experience more of what does – more connection, expression, and the experience of a life being truly lived from a place of love.

7) You want more Love?

You can only love another as deeply as you can love yourself. That’s how we work as human beings: we experience another as we experience ourselves. So if you want more love and connection, if you’re wanting to be heard, to be taken care of, start with doing all of this for yourself. Your whole being will thank you -and yes, in time you will experience all of this in your precious life!

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”― Rumi

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