The Path to Your Heart
Thinking vs. Awareness

Awareness and thinking are two separate experiences.

Awareness is in cooperation with creation itself, feeling deep belonging and union with god. Surrendering to the movement of what is, alive and connected within each moment and breath.

Thinking is the recycling of old energy, pain from the past and fear and desires for the future. Thinking pulls you out of your opening heart and creates separateness from life and those around you.

When you move into awareness and begin to feel and perceive, consciousness is born. When you are conscious and become aware of consciousness, you are incarnating, being reborn and rebirthed. It’s all happening now.

You may have had past experiences that opened you to your own divinity and yet you are still waiting for that deep sense of fulfillment within your being. The unintegrated mind, your thinking mind, hijacks the opening as a concept that sounds good in theory yet interferes with allowing it to unfold in practice.

Thinking will not bring you into awareness and deep opening within your heart. Diligence with heart opening practices and the willingness to continue going inside to discover your true self, as a way of being will. Fear is the power of your mind turning against the self, as the mind is always referencing who you are from the outside. It’s not a true reference of who you are inside.

The moment you are present with yourself, your heart opens. And the deeper call of who you truly are is revealed and comes alive.

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