Thresholds ~ The invitation to know self

Why am I invited to feel pain?
Is my pain actually an invitation?
Is pain guiding me through a new threshold?

Sometimes life brings us to painful experiences and new awarenesses that invite us into deeper expressions within. During these challenging times, there is an opportunity to embrace these thresholds and move through into new states of consciousness. We are invited to move through each of these new phases, in order to bring forward our gifts, and to reveal who we are beyond our identity or personality.

You may feel that you have an experience of feeling “shattered in many pieces inside”, where all that is not in alignment with your deepest true self is broken away.

These thresholds may well bring us to our knees, a very real time moment where we go inside and find our faith, courage and strength to come through the other side of what is moving.

The movement brings the opening of freedom, expression, depth of love and compassion.

An outward experience of a devastating life can turn into an amazing and inspirational one.

Instead of asking “Why is this happening to me”?, allow the pain to inspire you and ask self “ What blessing can this experience bring?”

It would be a mistake to idealize suffering, however, it would be a bigger mistake to diminish the character that suffering builds.

Out of thresholds and suffering, your soul and your heart become stronger, and encourage you to become who you really are.

You discover the strength, compassion and love that you are, and didn’t even realize was within you.

Just as your heart and soul are called into the light of you, your inner being is called to arise from the depths, birthing wisdom and acknowledging the love that exists in your heart and all around you.

This is where you apply your practices to support your mind, body and heart moving through thresholds.

Have you meditated? Have you moved your body? Have you connected with nature? Are you listening to your bodies needs? Rest? Eating nourishing food? Are you remembering to breathe,deeply? Are you relaxing into the quiet moments within? Are you honouring your emotions, feeling them, processing them and allow emotion to flow?

Mostly, are you offering love & kindness to self as you move through thresholds that are inviting you to know self deeply and fully in this lifetime?

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