“We are passionate about building a community of women that come together to open their hearts and minds to higher levels of consciousness, and a deeper expanded ability and availability to love.”

Intentions of Your Heart Women’s Retreat

Spend three divine days of healing, sacred ceremony, and creativity in a gathering of women, where you will co-create a journey into your heart, while connecting to other hearts around you. Sister to Sister.

Transformation • Sacred Practices  • Devotion

Intentions of Your Heart Women’s Retreat is an all inclusive weekend retreat with healthy homemade food, beautiful waterfront surroundings in a sacred space. You will be supported  through sacred ceremony, guided meditation, active processes, journaling and altar creation. You will learn to deepen your surrender, honor diversity, achieve clarity and heal past wounds as your heart opens. We will spend the three days together allowing the essence of our feminine to blossom. Being in ceremony with other women strengthens our knowing, supports each woman’s intuition and creates space for the specific initiations and transitions we have as women. Opening our hearts fully, we are able to be more radiant and clear with ourselves, our sisters, our children, our partners, and our communities.

About Patricia Clum

Patricia Blue for About tight

Patricia supports you to face yourself and learn to untangle from  aspects of self that have a powerful impact and influence, so you can integrate the discovery of new awareness and heal.

Patricia’s extraordinary gift as a powerful guide filled with compassion, love and grace accelerates your spiritual growth and resourcefulness. You will find yourself able to live your life with purpose, meaning, health and love. 

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About Brenda V. Nixon

Brenda Nixon

Brenda’s absolute trust in the divine and her pure heart, make her a gentle and capable healer, filled with compassion and understanding for all of life’s conditions and events. 

Brenda’s books, and healing facilitation practice are the culmination of her own journey and her deep desire to see women’s dreams come true.

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Experiences with Intentions of Your Heart

Evolution of the Heart
“My heart is more open, my mind is more clear and a great weight has been lifted of my shoulders.” – Shannon C.
Evolution of the Heart
“I came with the expectation to be nourished at a soul level, knowing I needed to experience the comfort of the feminine energy in a group. From the beginning, I felt held and supported with unconditional love and safety.” – Vera L.
Evolution of the Heart
“It was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. My energy completely shifted. This weekend allowed me to release so many blocks I didn’t even know I had.” – Jessica S.
Evolution of the Heart
“I am excited to use the experience and tools I learned this weekend, and feel confident to do so in my daily life.” – Loni W.
Evolution of the Heart
“Today I was blessed with time to begin creating my altar!! (for my new home)  I still have a few additions to make (specifically words and messages to the Divine) …but already I feel a deep connection to this sacred space! Thank you again Brenda and Patricia for your deep love and inspiration!” – Rhonda B.